Please always read the FAQ!

Please be sure to look at the STORE TWITTER (https://twitter.com/seateasstore) for the most UP TO DATE shiping information if you have questions.


Dear UK customers, due to the new VAT laws, I can NOT ship to you. I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. For more information please visit the FAQ.

For everyone else in the EU, please be sure you are able to clear customs and pay any VAT issues before you order. Please refer to the FAQ for more information.

Preorder closes DEC 1st 2021. Current preorder items are set to ship APRIL-MAY 2022. This is an overestimation and it will vary per item. PLEASE refer to the store twitter (@seateasstore) for up to date information OR the store UPDATES tab under HELP. I encourage everyone to read the FAQ to understand how shipping works for my store!

Thank you so much.