Clock Assembly

To assemble your clock, I highly recommend leaving your clock in the box so it can lay flat safely. 

Start with the hour hand and using BOTH thumbs, firmly press down on both sides down onto the peg. 

Please note, you WILL end up bending the hands, but you can always gently bend it back afterwards.

Repeat with the minute hand.

Before inserting the second hand peg, wind your clock and make sure each hand move as they are supposed to. Meaning, while the minute hand spins, the hour hand is slowly spining at the same time at a rate in proportion to the minute hand spinning like a regular clock.

Secure all the pieces with the SECOND hand peg.

Each piece should snap into place and you will feel it with a small dull click when you do. 

It will take several tries sometimes. A trick I found to work if your thumbs are too big is to use tweezers or pliers (something small but that can apply equal pressure on both sides) to press down.

If you find the feet of the clock don't fit, try using a nail filer or sand paper to CAREFLLY sand down the notch on the FEET not the clock. Be sure to peel the plastic off the feet as well as the plastic will prevent the notch to slide in too!

I hope this helps! Thank you :)