Last updated: 9/15/2021

All items are assembled and shipped by hand. Mistakes can happen and I ask that you please read the following carefully. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me by using the contact form OR email me: seateasstore [at] gmail [dot] com


You can find your order number from the email confirmation of your purchase from BIGCARTEL NOT PAYPAL OR STRIPE. It will look something like this #LEFM-829745

Thank you!

Can I combine orders? / I forgot an item in my order! / I wanted to add a preorder item to my regular item! / Etc.


Please be aware of this if you place multiple orders. I will ship them all separately as they come.

If you find you want to add an item to your already placed order, please contact me via the contact form and I will refund your order so you may place a new order.

How long will it take to receive my order?

*** Due to COVID, shipping times might be delayed. Please check with your local postal office for more information.

Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. International shipping delivery times may vary between 2 and 12 weeks.

I am located in USA.

On Preorders: Please read the item’s description CAREFULLY about preorder items! Production times vary on what the item is so please read the item description carefully for those notes. Whatever item has the longer shipping time is when you order will ship.

I ordered a PREORDER item with REGULAR items, when will it ship?

Your order will ship when the preordered items arrive since you paid shipping for all those items in ONE order.

Do orders come with tracking?

Yes, your order will come with tracking. They will be sent via PAYPAL (if you checked out with paypal) and BIG CARTEL to the email associated with your paypal and the email you ordered under. If you got your tracking, your order has been shipped or in the process of being shipped.

Please contact me if your tracking number does not update in a week and I have not stated otherwise on the store twitter.

How can I tell if my order is shipped? / Did my item ship? / Etc.

You will always get an email from Big Cartel when your items is shipped with your tracking information.  If you did not get an email from Big Cartel with tracking information, your item has not shipped.

If you ordered with Paypal, you will ALSO receive tracking from Paypal. You can look at the Paypal page of your order as well to see if there is tracking added. If there is no tracking added, your item has not shipped. 

If you did not receive tracking from Big Cartel or Paypal (if you used Paypal at check out) your order has not shipped. 

Where is my order?

FOR PREORDERS: First and foremost, please check to see if you ordered a preorder item. Please check the estimated shipping time listed on that item. You can also check the updates tab or the store twitter to see if there is a general time frame listed for items to start shipping. I ALWAYS update via the store twitter what is happening with shipping and where I'm at. Please look there first before contacting me. 

The estimated shipping times I give under each preorder item is when you should START expecting your order to be sent out at. For example, if the preorder items says expect shipping to start in APRIL, expect your order to ship in APRIL or after.

If you see other people posting their orders DO NOT PANIC! Please STILL EXPECT YOUR ORDER TO SHIP WHEN I HAD LISTED IT AS.

Sometimes I get products in early and will start shipping things out, but you should ALWAYS expect to get shipping updates at the time stated in the product listing. That way you know if the order is late or not. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY IF YOUR ORDER IS LOST OR LATE IF YOU SEE OTHER PEOPLE GETTING THEIR ORDERS EARLY! PLEASE EXPECT YOUR ORDER TO ALWAYS SHIP WHEN I ESTIMATE IT TO SHIP IN THE PRODUCT LISTING!

I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE WAIT TILL AFTER THE EXPECTED SHIP DATE PASSES to inquire about where your order is at.

FOR NON-PREORDER ITEMS: If you placed an order and a week has passed, please feel free to contact me. Sometimes orders get lost between preorder orders and I might have over looked your. If you get tracking and it has not updated in a week, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!


I'm moving / I unexpectedly had to move, can I change my address? Can you hold my item till I know my new address?

So long as your item has not shipped yet, yes you can change your shipping address. If you do not know your new address yet I can send it to a friend for you or hold your item till you know your new address. Whichever is easiest.

Please contact me to work this out before your item ships with a new shipping address or if you need me to hold your item. Please refer to the product listing to see shipping estimates on preordered items. Regular (non-preorder items) typically ship the next business Monday.

What is your refund/exchange policy?

If items were damaged in the mail you must contact me within that 72 hours of the delivered date to get an exchange or partial refund. If your item is still in transit or has not been confirmed delivered, I will not refund items until they have been confirmed lost by the postal office and marked as delivered. If you do not fall in these circumstances I am sorry but I will not refund you or replace your item. Please check with your post office first on how you can recover lost items.

If you place an order, you agree that you acknowledge and understand this rule.

Do you ship outside of the US? (UK customers please read!)

Yes I do! Please note, some items may charge extra for shipping outside of the US.

NOTE TO UK CUSTOMERS: Due to the new VAT laws I cannot ship to your location, I'm very sorry. I'll refund and cancel your order if you accidentally order from me. For more information, please read here.


The European Union (EU) will be implementing new trade rules for U.S. sellers beginning July 1, 2021.

While I understand it is frustrating to pay import taxes on your purchase, you must be prepared to pay for any import taxes your order may face. I will do my best to fill out the form on my end for you, but you must be ready to take care of any import issues that happen.

As of July 1 2021 EU customers MUST be prepared and acknoweldge that they will have to pay any dues on their order. For more information you can look up IOSS laws here. These new charges will be called "Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU)" Please be sure to provide me a clear phone number and email in which your local customs office can reach you regarding dues. I'm very sorry for this inconvinience.

While other stores you might shop from will cover these dues for you, I cannot and cannot register to abide by these new law changes. So please be aware that if you buy from my shop, you are responsible for any taxes due.

I never got my order!

I’m sorry about that! Please CONTACT ME before opening a paypal dispute with your ORDER NUMBER (you can find your order number from the email confirmation of your purchase from BIG CARTEL NOT PAYPAL. It will look something like this #LEFM-829745 and your FULL NAME you ordered under.

Once your package is shipped out and received by the post office and is shown via tracking that they have scanned it, it is not my responsibility if orders are lost in transit. Please contact your local post office to see what your options are on locating your package. 

I do not control USPS or your local postal service. Once the item leaves my hands I cannot do ANYTHING except wait just like you. I cannot manage your order anymore until USPS updates your tracking. 

I will be happy to help you however if the postal services need my inclusion. In this event, please contact me via the contact form.

An item is missing from my order!

I'm sorry about that! That can happen and I’m terribly sorry. Please contact me with the contact form

Missing items will be sent to you the next convenient business day free of charge!