Shipping Schedule

Please very carefully read the following if you are preorder purses or wallets!

I know it's a lot but it's VERY important!


Preorders open: Aug 5th
Preorders close: Aug20th
Orders estimated to ship: Mid November

Please note, the estimated shipping date can change. Items like the purses and wallets take 1-2 months to produce. Each item is carefully checked and sewn together by hand. 

It's important to understand that I pack and ship all the orders by myself so please be patient with me as I handle each order! 

I print labels ahead of time and pack on the WEEKENDS. I try and get orders shipped the next available business day.

Please do NOT order these items expecting them to be delievered to you on time for the holidays! I will do my best, but I cannot promise you they will be in time for the holidays!

When entering your address and you need special delivery instructions, please talk to your building management, your local post office, roommate, or anyone that will be in charge of your mail.

I CANNOT DO ANYTHING WITH YOUR DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS! I am not personally delivering your items and leaving me door codes or anything for me will not do anything! PLEASE take care of this before you order! I am NOT responsible for undeliverable items and you will need to pay for shipping AGAIN if I have to resend your items.

I cannot stress enough that leaving me door codes or anything on your orders will result in nothing. I cannot tell USPS your code and I definitely will NOT write your code on your package. PLEASE settle your mail delivery ahead of tim. I CANNOT DO ANYTHING.

If you are ordering this as a GIFT to a friend and I am sending this to a friend you MUST make sure they are able to receive the items if they cannot get mail themselves.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO LIE ON YOUR IMPORT TAX FORMS AS WELL. No I will not lower the value and no I will not mark your item as a gift. You are responsible for any import tax. I will not risk my livlihood and lie on tax papers.

If you order, you understand and agree to this.

For more information, please read the FAQ!

Thank you!