Shipping Schedule

Patreon orders have all been packed a shipped - March 4th 2023

Public orders will start shipping March 11 2023

For Nov 2022 Preorders

Preorders will close January 5th.

Preorder items will ship at the latest mid May

Non preorder items will be shipped as soon as possible, but because it is the holiday season, expect delays. I cannot promise non-preorder items will be delievred before Christmas. I will ship them as I find time on the weekends. Please keep in mind it is just me packing and shipping orders, so things will take time!


Whatever item in your order has the later shipping estimate is when I will ship your order out!

Why is preorder shipping time so long? (Please read especially if you order a wallet)

I want to give everyone enough time during this stressful part of the year to make sure they get their orders in. Usually preorders are 2 weeks long, but I understand the holidays is stressful and you might be traveling or spending money on thoughtful gifts. So I am extending preorders for a month.

In January, all manufacturers go on a vacation, the longest being a month. This will push back shipping a month later.

Jan - Orders are put in, manus go on month vacation

Feb - Manus return from month vacation

Apr - Orders arrive (hopefully)

I understand this is a long time, but I will try my best to get orders out earlier if possible! I am over estimating to make sure I have enough wiggle room to account for the worse possible scenario.

If you don't order the wallet however, orders most likely will ship in January or February. Acrylic items have a fast turn around.  

Jan - Orders are put in

Late-Jan - Items come in

Feb - Shipping

If you order enamel pins, the schedule should be about the same, but maybe shipping is closer to Late Feb. Please keep in mind! 

You can keep tracking of shipping updates at the store twitter! I will try and update this page as well with updates as well!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me and I'll help as best I can.

Thank you so much! Hopefully this helps :)