10/21 - I finished packing and shipping all preorder orders from July! If you did not get shipping, please feel free to contact me.

I'll finish shipping out the rest of the open orders (aprons, candy pouches, jackets, etc) from August and then I will take inventory.

Once I take inventory I will open everything back up like the purses and more. Hopefully to get shipped out before the holidays :) Thank you!

10/4 -
I wrapped up the patreon store and will now be packing and shipping out public store orders. 

Please feel free to keep track on the store twitter for up to date information! 

As a reminder, I ship out orders in WAVES as I work weekdays and pack weekends. You can find out how to tell if your order is shipped at the FAQ.

Thank you!!

9/1 -
I'm shipping out orders slowly and in waves throughout the month and next.

If you start to see people get their orders, do not panic and PLEASE read the FAQ on how to tell if your order shipped. You can also check out the twitter as I give UP TO DATE information on the status of shipping.

I'm currently shipping items that DO NOT include any enamel pins in their orders. I'm still waiting on the pins to come in.

Thank you!