9/1 - I'm shipping out orders slowly and in waves throughout the month and next.

If you start to see people get their orders, do not panic and PLEASE read the FAQ on how to tell if your order shipped. You can also check out the twitter as I give UP TO DATE information on the status of shipping.

I'm currently shipping items that DO NOT include any enamel pins in their orders. I'm still waiting on the pins to come in.

Thank you!

7/20 -
I'll be slowly shipping out orders that did not contain preorder items and any orders that had missing items! Please be patient with me as I start to comb through orders to catch any that fall under the above! 

If you don't get tracking this week or the next and you know you didn't order any preorder items, please feel free to contact me!

Preoreder items are still projected to ship around October. Thank you!

7/13 -
Preorders have been extended to JULY 19TH as requested! This will not effect the predicted ship times.

Please be reminded that shipping times are ESTIMATES and your orders may come early or later, but always be aware of the dates listed in each preorder item. If you see others getting their orders early, please check the FAQ to see how you can tell if your order shipped or not.

Please be patient with me since there is only 2 of us packing and shipping items! (And we work full time ;w; ! )

I will always update here, the store twitter, or newsletter if shipping dates have changed due to circumstances. Thank you!